When My Heart Is Smiling

When my heart is smiling

Emotional literacy is the ability for a child to express his or her positive or negative emotions through effective communication. Children usually show their feelings as it is written on their faces. However, allowing your child to express both positive and negative emotions constructively through self-expression for example with words like “My heart smiles, I am happy” or “My heart cries, I am sad” is a tool to connect with your child.

The next time your child feels sad because of a situation that has just happened at school or at home, take a sheet of paper and a pencil, draw a heart and a sad face on it. Ask your child “How do you feel now? Are you sad? Is your heart crying?”.  Encourage your child to talk about why his or her heart is crying.  Now, do the reverse. Draw a heart and a happy face on it. Ask your child what he or she can to do make his or her heart smile again.

Continue this activity each time something happy or sad happens and you will be amazed with some patience and effort how his or her self-confidence slowly blossoms.

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