Our inaugural Teachpreneur Workshop

We believe teachers are key persons not only for students IQ, but also social and emotional success in the classroom. We provide teacher trainings that will help teachers to learn about the ethics of teaching and deepen their knowledge about early childhood psychology and innovative teaching and communication methods.

We train teachers to become better instructors in their engaging classrooms, offer better services to schools and become change agents who have impact in multiple aspects of education. The trainings create innovative ways of navigating the profession without leaving that profession, to be the teachers that dream beyond the classroom, The Teacherpreneurs. http://www.seagaleducation.com/blog/achieve-more-beyond-the-classroom/

Teacherpreneurs are imaginative teachers who think beyond the classroom in terms of how to make lessons meaningful. They step outside the classroom, involve themselves in educational leadership, write their own curriculum, integrate their innovative methods with the existing school curriculum, and even educate their peers, other teachers.

The key here is that the teacher creates a different way of navigating the profession without leaving that profession entirely. We had our first Teacherpreneur Workshop in Jakarta last month (21 February 2018) with our founder, Pamela Seagal and some passionate teachers.

We had engaging discussions about innovative teaching methods that allowed students to express both positive and negative emotions constructively. We discussed both the teachers experiences and ESI curriculum that built social and emotional skills (EQ and SQ) in early childhood education, peak performance and English language enhancement.
“Ms. Pamela shared interesting teaching methods that are very useful for my job as a teacher, to deal with the kids, to teach them English which I love to do but sometimes is quite challenging.”
Ms. Ayu Swarnasari, a teacher of Rumah Belajar – Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa, Cipinang, East Jakarta.

“The Teacherpreneur concept is very interesting. It’s really important for teachers to have innovative teaching ways since kids these days face a lot of pressure in their schools.” 
Mr. Jonathan Tlau, the Principal of Kinderland Preschool Pakubuwono, South Jakarta.

Innovative teaching methods help both the teachers and the students.

“ESI innovative programme allowed me to explore my self, then the kids can explore themselves better. The students have better speaking skills and self confidence.”
Ms. Sisca, teacher of Leader Castle Preschool, Sunter, North Jakarta.

“The kids have better communication skills, problem solving and know how to express their feelings. They have better engagement in the classroom.”
dr. Lilie Lalisang, the Principal of Leader Castle Preschool, Sunter, North Jakarta.