Seagal Education was founded by Pamela Seagal in 2004 with the first programme being ACE English for children.

Pamela’s experience as a language specialist enabled her to recognise that learners can face challenges in self-expression and confidence, as well as critical thinking and processing skills, and that this lack manifests itself in several ways.

Pamela realised without critical thinking and processing skills, learners can have difficulty understanding how language is used in the context of reading comprehension passages, and a lack of confidence can become an obstacle to achieving fluency as speakers and writers of the language.


Pamela identified the root of the problem: that language cannot be “taught” through an exam oriented functional approach, but needs a communicative, three-dimensional approach in which learners understand, question, and apply all aspect of language use.

Learning from her experience it became clear to Pamela that the critical stage is from 4 to 7 years old. These are the formative years in which social and emotional skills are developed, and Pamela realised that teaching learners these vital skills early in life will help them become confident, fluent, communicators as well as reaping significant benefits in academic performance. Addressing this required the development of E.S.I KIDS, an innovative new language programme integrating social and emotional skills for younger children. Since 2008 the core focus of Pamela’s vision and Seagal Education is in E.S.I KIDS.

Seagal Education approaches English Language courses in a different way. Many courses are based on endless practice and repetition of the mechanics of language, making them essentially exam preparation courses. Seagal Education takes a broader view, and incorporates communication, emotional and social skills (EQ and SQ) that will help the students not only in academic pursuits, but also in many areas of life.